Terms & Conditions

This Terms and Conditions(“TAC”) sets forth the understanding between Virtual Essential Management LLC., a West Virginia Limited Liability Company (“VEM, LLC”), and Subscriber. (“Client”), with respect to the performance of Services by VEM, LLC its subsidiaries, partners or authorized consultants on behalf of Client. VEM, LLC and Client, collectively, shall be referred to herein as “the Parties”, and individually as the “Party”.  Your acceptance hereof by subscribing to services rendered unto the client by VEM,LLC


Description of Services: The following tasks (“Services”) will be performed by VEM, LLC in conjunction with this TAC:

  • Provide Full Service IT Cloud Support, Training and Projects.

  • Maintaining of licenses for products

Additional Support Information:

  • Participate in support telephone conversations Client and VEM Support Team.

  • Arrange screen share support sessions with Client and VEM Support Team.

  • Schedule on-site support sessions with Client and VEM Support Team (optional).

Compensation Schedule:

All payments including reoccurring are due upon client receipt of invoice and/or may be paid by credit/debit card or check.  All checks are made out to

Virtual Essential Management, LLC

C/O Billing Dept

126 E Martin St

Martinsburg, WV 25401


All Billing Inquiries – billing@vemgmt.net

Each month the client will have a quoted reoccurring amount debited from their credit/debit card any additional charges will be invoiced. 


Canceled membership forfeits all hours and saved rollover hours if client does not use all charged support hours within the billing period.  Paused memberships can retain rollover hours with a required future start date within 60 days of pausing.  If future start date is not upheld membership will be canceled by VEM,LLC.


Hours and Response Times:

Standard business hours are Monday through Friday between the hours of 9am - 9pm Eastern Time excluding weekends and holidays. Standard response time for support incidents are within 2 hours for requests received during Standard Business Hours. Requests received outside these hours will be to the next business day.

Emergency Support Times & Procedures: Emergency business hours are Monday - Friday 9:01 pm EST – 8:59am EST and all-day Saturday & Sunday.  In order to receive Emergency support, you must call / text 681-260-2768, leave a message and send an email to help@vemgmt.net with the word “Emergency” in the Subject with a valid contact number.  Someone will contact you within two hours of last contact method. Rate of Emergency Support is $150/hr.


Term: The term of this Agreement shall commence on the date you subscribe to the membership


1. Project implementation and any issue resolution is provided by VEM Support team, facilitated by VEM, LLC.

2. Client will assign an internal person (technical lead) to be the point-of-contact for end-user’s requests and to be primary liaison to VEM, LLC concerning support requests.


Non-Disclosure Except for any license or :other right expressly granted under this TAC, each party reserves all rights, title and interest that it may have in or to any Confidential Information that it may disclose to the other party under this TAC. The Party receiving Confidential Information (“Recipient”) will protect Confidential Information of the Party disclosing Confidential Information (“Discloser”) against any unauthorized use or disclosure to the same extent that the Recipient protects its own Confidential Information of a similar nature against unauthorized use or disclosure. The Recipient will use any Confidential Information of the Discloser solely for the purposes for which it is provided by the Discloser.

This TAC constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the Services to be performed within the Scope of Work, authorized written additions and deletions by Parties, the Deliverables to be furnished, and the Proprietary Items, and any other items to be provided hereunder. This TAC will not be modified except by a written agreement signed on behalf of VEM, LLC Entire Agreement: and Client by their respective duly authorized representatives.

Limitation of Liability. VEM, LLC will not be liable for any incidental, consequential or indirect damages or for any loss of profit, revenue, data, business or use arising out of or related to Services or Deliverables provided pursuant hereto, whether an action for such losses lies in contract or tort. Furthermore, VEM,LLC’s liability for its Services and Deliverables will not exceed the compensation paid by Client pursuant hereto.

Legal Proceedings All legal proceeding whether initiated by Client or VEM,LLC will be held in Berkeley County, Martinsburg, West Virginia.  VEM,LLC We will not be held responsible for any costs you incur to initiate or to participate in any legal proceedings.